Up close and personal with James Reazor Jenny Davies-Reazor and “Oscar” in Delaware

If it is one thing that a Canaan does exceptionally well is to recognize dog people. Oscar has made quick work of charming his way into the lives of Jenny and James. And they seem to have picked up on all of his endearing Canaan traits immediately. What a natural fit!
How did you first hear about the Canaan Dog and what characteristics drew you to this breed?

James first heard of the Canaan dog on the AKC website. We were drawn to their personality traits, and their relative size. Another important factor for us was the breed's relative lack of health issues.

Have you had other breeds before? If so, what were they?

Our first dog was a black lab mix. During her life, we saw her through heart problems before losing her to cancer, at the ripe old age of fourteen.

If you were asked to describe Oscar with three adjectives, what would these be and why?

  1. Enthusiastic! - He loves everything equally - toys, food, naps, walks...
  2. Expressive - No words are needed! A cock of the head, or his ear position...he makes it clear for the poor silly humans.
  3. Endearing - Our hearts went out to him immediately, and our feelings only got stronger as we got to know him. He was shy, hesitant, a little skittish at first, as we worked on bonding and building his confidence. But every quirk we got to know only made him more charming!

What kinds of things do you and Oscar enjoy doing together?

At home - Oscar is an equal opportunity pooch. He curls up on the sofa and watches Animal Planet with us, yet he loves a game of chase-around-the-house... We all three love a long walk on the wooded trails in the park.

Describe the most interesting incident to happen with your pariah pooch.

Oscar is fast! It has been a challenge working on the "Don’t chase the cat" idea, as he has up and done it at lightening speed. The first time Oscar and one of our cats curled up on the sofa - each allowing the other to remain unmolested - was a milestone!

Is their anything in particular that Oscar has a real fondness for?

Rawhide...Chasing the cat...trips to the pet food store...did I mention rawhide?

Are there any interesting qualities about him that you would like to share?

He is a champion napper, a definite night owl! And, awaking from said nap - he can stretch himself into very graceful, almost gymnastic poses.