We do not have any formal fees. Whatever monies are collected are donations to the organization. Please keep in mind, we are a very small breed and an even smaller rescue pool. We appreciate any and all donatiosn we receive as one sick or injured dog can swiftly deplete our treasury.

Recommended Donations

The final amount is up to you. Here is what we recommend:

1-3 years old $250
4-7 years old $125
7+ (or known health issues ) $75

Breeders listing through CDRN are required to adhere to this policy.  Any funds donated are for the Rescue group.  Additional fees should not be charged. 


If the dog must be shipped to you, we ask that you cover the cost. In some situations this may not be possible and should be discussed with your Rescue Coordinator. Generally, the costs involved are:

  1. Air freight - $200-300
  2. Health certificate - $30-50
  3. Crate - $70-120
  4. Water/food bowls and stickers - $5-10

If we organize a car transport from point A to point B, with many stops in between, folks in the Canaan Dog community donate their time, their vehicles and the gas in their gas tank. Please take this into consideration when making your donation.