Up close and personal with Nick Rupp and “Baxter Doo” in Utah

Michelle Harrington
CDRN Columnist
Ontario, Canada
November, 2006

Up close and personal with Nick Rupp and “Baxter Doo” in Utah
Contemplative, regal and shy…. these are the top 3 observations of Baxter Doo (formerly Scooby Doo) that owner Nick Rupp ascribes to him. Although Baxter Doo is a big boy – he is 27” and over 60 pounds – he is more content to scrutinize the world around him than pounce headlong onto it. New people and objects need a thorough inspection and then still may be passed by with a sniff. This role as an observer even translates to car rides where he will gladly take the passenger seat and allow passing motorists and pedestrians to see him. But you will never catch him hanging his head from the car window or performing other more common “dog” actions. He is much too regal for all of that nonsense.

But his regality does not carry over to his recreation time. Nick’s other dog, Abby, is definitely fair game, as are Nick and his partner Patrick. When it comes to play time Baxter Doo is much more egalitarian. His other dog friends also help wear him out with hours of roughhousing and chase games. Snowy days are a particular favourite, as seems to be the case with so many Canaans.

And let it not be said that Baxter Doo is not earning his keep. Nick’s job has him attending many meetings in downtown Salt Lake City, and Baxter Doo can often be found accompanying him. He has quickly become the unofficial mascot of many of these firms. To also demonstrate how Nick’s clients and colleagues have taken to Baxter Doo, Nick has received numerous requests to photograph him for future castings. As of yet Mr. B. Doo has not participated in a screen test, but the door definitely seems to be open for this sharp looking young guy.

In addition to a potential career in front of the camera, Nick would like to get Baxter Doo into therapy work and agility. His natural gentleness would lend itself to providing comfort to others, and his fluid movement and poise would seem to be ideal for navigating jumps and other obstacles. He has had to navigate a few in his short life to date, and from all accounts he is already a winner.